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Cecili Weber, Development & Foundation Content Manager
A caregiver helping a woman find online resources

Whether you are newly diagnosed or a long-term survivor, LUNGevity offers lung cancer support and survivorship services to address your unique needs. LUNGevity's services are designed to help you feel supported, informed, and empowered to be an active decision-maker in your treatment process and live well with the disease. 

 LUNGevity's survivorship services are free and feature programs for survivors, caregivers, and family members. Read on to learn about our offerings and how you can access the services that are right for you. 

The Lung Cancer HELPLine 

The Lung Cancer HELPLine, in partnership with CancerCare, offers free personalized support for patients and caregivers. Oncology social workers are available to help manage emotional, financial, and support challenges. The HELPLine can give referrals to financial assistance resources for pain medication, homecare, childcare, medical supplies, transportation for treatment, and copayment assistance. Call the toll-free HELPLine at 844-360-5864. The HELPLine is available Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern time). 

LifeLine Support Partners  

The LifeLine program matches patients or caregivers looking for one-on-one support with a LifeLine Support Partner. Partners are people who have walked the lung cancer path and volunteer as mentors. Support Partners offer their experience, encouragement, and advice. These matches can be a vital part of a patient or caregiver's support system. LifeLine matches are made by gender, age group, and similar diagnosis when possible. If you’re interested in joining the LifeLine program, please complete the interest form.  

Clinical Trial Ambassadors 

Lung cancer survivors who have taken part in a clinical trial can volunteer as ambassadors. Clinical trial ambassadors share their personal experiences with patients considering a trial. If you would like to be matched, or volunteer as a Clinical Trial Ambassador, please fill out the online form. All information provided is confidential.  

Weekly Virtual Meetups 

LUNGevity welcomes patients, survivors, and caregivers to join our weekly meetups. Meetups offer valuable information and true friendship. LUNGevity's expert staff and lung cancer survivors moderate the weekly sessions. Meetups for specific lung cancer types and mutations are also available. Learn more about our virtual meetups and register for sessions here.  

Lung Cancer Support Community 

The Lung Cancer Support Community (LCSC) is an online forum dedicated to lung cancer support, survivorship, and connection. Over 14,000 patients, survivors, and caregivers are members of the LCSC. Anyone can access the forum and read the message boards, but only registered members can interact with others or create new posts. Registration is free and you can join the LCSC by creating a profile using this form.  

Private Facebook Groups 

Are you on Facebook? LUNGevity hosts closed Facebook groups where you can connect with peers online. We have individual groups for lung cancer types, mutations, and caregiving. LUNGevity staff moderates the pages, and because the groups are private, only members of the lung cancer community can join. Be sure to like LUNGevity's Facebook page and request to join one of our Facebook groups.  

Survivorship Conferences  

LUNGevity hosts annual conferences for patients, survivors, and their caregivers. These conferences are both educational and inspirational. Attendees can expect presentations from top medical experts and sessions on navigating lung cancer and living well with the disease.  

HOPE Summit is an energizing, weekend conference with separate tracks to address the specific needs of survivors and caregivers. Although the 2022 HOPE Summit was canceled due to COVID-19, we look forward to bringing HOPE Summit back to our community in 2023. Stay tuned for more information to come!  

The International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference (ILCSC) virtually connects survivors, caregivers, and advocates from across the globe. ILCSC offers participants a better understanding of the science behind your disease with expert sessions.  

Online Resource Centers  

LUNGevity’s website features the Survivor Resource Center and the Caregiver Resource Center. These specialized resources offer information to help navigate lung cancer's practical and emotional challenges. You can find links to financial assistance programs and other resources, webinars, educational materials, and more. 

We encourage you to take advantage of our survivorship services. If you have questions, you can reach our support and survivorship team by email at Our monthly newsletter is an excellent resource for information on LUNGevity's programs and breaking lung cancer news.